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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oct pots

Dahlias in a snowflake crystal glazed vase...what beauty!  The flowers of course.  I am glad that John Britt shared how to make the crystaline glazes in Ceramics Monthly a while back.  It was hard to get results at first.

The last of the fall pendants
The pendants on cords sell pretty well at the TailGate markets.  But I don't worry about the ones that don't sell.  They are easy enough to store.

Very small test pitchers.  The one on the right had the best pour spout when I tested it.  But all would pour very well, if you just didn't fill it right to the rim.

There would be dribbles however with slow starts and stops of learning correct pouring skills is also important!

These are tried and true glaze combinations on speckled brownstone clay.

Tomorrow I'll have some tea bowls,which could be perhaps just drinking cups...all in white and blue.

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  1. Nice job with the glazes. The pendants are really beautiful and happy too. They defiantly echo the colors of autumn.


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