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Friday, October 12, 2012

Gone to new homes

I actually started my selling season (March, first Tailgate Market) keeping inventory of what I sent in my tub to the market, crossing off what sold, and adding new items.
That lasted about a month.

I'm not a good inventory keeper any more.  Nor bookkeeper ever.

So I just decided to share pics of some of the things I know went to new homes, though lots may just be lost on shelves in the studio.  Ha ha.

 I gave the butter dish to my middle was what he asked for for his birthday this year.

I was so pleased to be at the market the day a woman wanted to buy this pit-fired pot.

The bright blue goblets/tumblers with stamped designs are still around.  Some have sold, some are still available.

 I thought nobody would like the fish plater.  Wrong.  I guess the price was right!

I just made another set of these with white clay, one with stoneware.  I'm doing this color scheme on some, and trying something new on others.

I gave these beer steins to my eldest son for birthday/Father's Day.

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  1. ah, I still love that one at the top, the figure on the cup :)

    1. Thanks Gary, I've made a mold of my can put her on anything!

  2. Barbara I just knew someone would love that cute little fish platter as much as I do!

    1. Thanks so much for your faith in that platter...want to advise me on other things? Just let me know what you think I should make, and maybe that will sell?


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