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Friday, October 19, 2012


The Black Mountain clay studio has been chosen by angels to manifest ...sculptures of all sizes, mainly small.  Lovely little creatures, not any particular gender, but definitely exhibiting the quality of "cuteness".

I confess I started this bevy of angel-making.  So Molly and Sarah's are improvements on an idea.  And maybe Pat has made some too, though I didn't see her do it.

I stay pretty simple with mine, and pretty small.  I want them to be able to hang on a tree in a few months.

Last year I had to tie ribbons around their little necks, so this year their halos are kind of hair or hat kinds of head-gear.  Whatever you think.  How about little angel headresses?  And each has a different tilt, stamped design, and shape of wings.  No two of these little ones alike!


  1. These are wonderful Barbara. If you hang them on a tree please share a photo with us!

    1. THanks...good idea, before I start selling them!

  2. Those are wonderful, what is the glaze on the bottom? They look good in a group too.

    1. Gold acrylic lasts pretty well on delicate things!


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