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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Splitting my personalities.

My other self (the one that writes, does photography, travels, loves the cats, gets out in nature, volunteers and joins community groups...)  lives here now...

When I was Sixty Nine

and that's how I looked.

  Now I look a bit different...another year will do that to you!

I'm on the far right in this picture of friends who help each other in our Mud Buddies Pottery co-op which sells at the Tailgate Market here in Black Mountain.


  1. You seem to do a lot of stuff. I'm looking forward to your writing and photography.

    1. It will probably happen a lot more in the winter months. It just rained a LOT in the last 2 days, and I didn't feel up to doing much in the studio. You've already seen a lot of my photography!

  2. you are lucky to live near a community of potters and clay people, wish I had a group like that near me here.

    1. The people are probably there, just not organized into any kind of group. Where's the nearest community center? When I lived in Tallahassee a nearby park had one. We were lucky they also had a wheel or two. Here the town has an art center, but there's also a Senior Center which provides lots of recreational programming. Of course you're teaching already, if I remember right.


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