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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 Slow start to staining and glazing.  Can only sit still long enough to do 4 at a time.  Ugh.

Eventually they all are stained or glazed, and to the ones with glaze, I added a coat (thin) of clear glaze.  Mayco Stroke and Coat glazes have served me well.

 The leaves by themselves are last year's pendants.  They just have holes to hang on leather with a ring.

 This year I encorporated leaves bent over the top to hang pendants from, so the cord can just pass through that self contained hanger.  Aren't I smart?

Mainly I'm lazy, or jewelry impaired...I've got lots of cord, loops, rings, findings etc.  Just not inclined to make the necklaces and ask three times the price.  For now, all pendants are $5.
Goddesses are either Venus of Willendorf or Virgin of Guadalupe... just the goddesses that came to  my mind when I was carving them out.  I like that these are just flat pendants with incised details...and the color is either glaze or stain of glaze which is wiped off.

I'm saving some of them back for special friends who like the feminine divine.


  1. They're all wonderful! My favorites are the pretty fall leaves. Hurry up Fall; I'm way impatient this year!


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