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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My sale blurb

My Cottage Studio pottery sale is coming soon.

Sunday, September 30 between 12 and 5.

 The latest plates, mugs, and pitchers are now available!
Pottery is always best observed by picking it up and feeling it. 

SALE!  There are some items on which I'm cutting the price!  I returned to pottery about twenty-four years after earning my BFA in ceramics.  I moved here a week after retiring five years ago, and started back in clay within a few months of that.

I make pottery so other people will use it.   I sometimes make sculptural pieces as well, perhaps to inspire.  I'm not a production potter, with many duplicate pieces.  I'm a cottage potter.  Come on over and enjoy my neighborhood.

Barbara Rogers
Alchemy of Clay 

102 Beech St.
Black Mountain, NC

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  1. A cottage potter, I like that term. Cottage potter with cottage art.


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