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Monday, September 10, 2012

More pots Meow

Shoot, blogger is now adding photos backwards, which it did several years ago when I first started blogging.

So here goes nothing...  yep this was to be the final picture, and here it is up at the top.  (Actually you may have seen a few of these pics before)

Breakfast was sooo good, and now I must clean off every bit of me!
However, that bird (squirrel?) might need my attention too!

A simple Tea Canister, with a nice fitting cork lid.

I really like these 2 big bowls with the drippy blue glaze inside and out.  Not in any hurry to sell them.

When is a rose not really a rose?

And when is a bottle not simply a bottle?

And a vase that was created several weeks ago looks like it might be ancient...

OK this is where I started, with the puss wearing the tiarra.  And I think the blogger problem is just when I try to add captions within the photo.  If I just avoid that function, perhaps I can insert them wherever I wish.  (Incidentally the green stain was actually copper carbonate, and the brown is red iron oxide, covered with some clear glaze).  The next time I tried to get either of these results, the RIO washed out completely.

More tomorrow!


  1. That's a great copper carbonate wash, are these high fired? My RIO washed out completely on my pencil tower too, darn that stuff. That cat has personality, cool.

    1. Hi, fired to cone 6. I've found if I apply the RIO to greenware (before the bisque) then it doesn't wash out if it is under clear for the glaze firing...but usually too much to remember.

  2. I love your rose Barb! It's really unique and the colour is soooo pretty! I also love the blue glaze you've used on those bowls. Very nice! (and nice kitty!!! both real and ceramic!)


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