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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cottage Studio SALE

Last minutes of prep for the Cottage STUDIO SALE.
Tomorrow 12-5.  That's Sunday, Sept. 30.  Lots of calendars give it only a slashed half space.  But it's a full day!  And the moon is also full.

Hope there are lots of people coming.  Hope I sell something.  Lots of hopes at this point.  Whee!

These feelings are the result of not being a professional potter.

 Whenever I approach selling one of my pieces, I want to know where they will live...are they going to a good home?  Sounds like my pets, so perhaps the pottery and sculptures are like pets.  I just have to set my mind into the frame that says "time to let go..."

And I also want to start a mailing list so if I do this again, I can let my friends and customers know.  

So my first customer was here early, and I didn't get her address.  Oh well,at least I know who she is, and I think I can find her again!

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  1. Barb, it's late Sunday night here in California, so I know your sale is over. I hope you sold lots of pottery and I hope they all went to good homes. (I feel that way about my paintings). I wish I lived close enough to have been there!


    Victoria from Brushstrokes


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