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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some figures glazed

There are extra potters in town today.  The Depot Crafts Show...aka Black Mountain Arts & Crafts Show has around a dozen potters with little tents down on Sutton Street.

Lioness or cat?

Just check out the tiara...
Kitty wearing tiara

Tiny goddess moving figure

The weather has been delightful today.  When I enjoy this low humidity, clear sunshine and coolish breezes, I'm positive I live close to heaven.  Or if there is a heaven, it must certainly be close to being like this.

Posing cat


OK, I think I'd best make some tiara wearing goddesses now!  Right?

I'm thawing some salmon for dinner.  Lunch today was delicious black bean patties...avocado and tomato and ginger rice beside it.  The salmon will probably have some potato next to it, as well as a caesar salad I think.  Will roast up some fresh croutons with garlic oil first.  That gives me something to do while the wild salmon thaws.  

I make extra to have left overs during the week.  Living alone, that works so I can cook more than one portion at a time.  Otherwise I want to go out, or invite a friend over.  Mmm...who is hungry tonight?  My salmon will be oven roasted inside a foil wrap, with a little butter and garlic. 



  1. Love the cats -- love the ginger jar from the previous post. And your dinner sounds perfect!

  2. The posed cat is wonderful and yes best to love your life the way it is, wouldn't hurt to win eve a small lottery though, but got to play to win so I guess I'm stuck where I am. Ha.

    1. Hi Linda...yep, still haven't gotten into the habit of contributing to lottery winners...there just aren't enough of them.


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