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Monday, February 13, 2012

What's orange and turquoise?

Plate is 10 inches, sponged Mexico glaze and sponged Eggshell, on raku clay.  The iron really turns it orange (also eggshell glaze when it's thin is orange)

Platter is 12 inches.

I've been thinking about new things to make.  In the middle of the night whenever I can't sleep, I think, what about making computer faced people, calling them screen heads?  Then I think, it's probably been done, how about iPhone faced people?

Well, I let most of these forms of inspiration go right back to wherever they came from.  I don't make very good figures.  But I will make some more shrines.  I cut out five more trees today, and the little bases and backs for more tree honoring shrines.

Same glazes on white clays.  Top one is on Little Loafers, a white stoneware.  Bottom ones are Bellas blend and P-5, both cone 6 porcelanous clays.

Right now I've got a sacred grove, trees in a circle, with a bottom and a lid.  Don't know exactly what it is, I'm thinking a fairy table, but maybe someone will see just the thing that it is. 
It has piercings between each of the tree trunks, so can't hold water, dirt or anything that needs the clay to make a vessel.  But it makes a space.

Today I also glazed a big pot which was made back while I was throwing, several months ago.  It is done with raku clay, and I'd thought to save it around till a raku workshop came along.  Nah.  Need the shelf space.

I finished the Vardo gypsy wagon, and will take pictures as soon as it's cleaned up and ready.  I had to glue on the back doors, cause I just couldn't manipulate wires into becoming hinges.  You'll see soon. 

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