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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tree shrine and green symbols shrine

Shrines are personal, and I've left much of the decoration to whoever wants to use them to symbolize something with meaning to the owner.

Tree shrine

Tree Shrine

Glaze is mostly Mayco "Stroke and Coat" except the green base which is matt bronze green.  It was applied thinly, and over the back side of the piece as well.  I have supplemented the glaze on the back with some acrylics for improved coloration.  Black linear branches were done using a glaze pen, which I found incredibly taxing of my patience, so don't expect much more of it.  The leaves were a mint green glaze pen, and came out delightfully light blue. 

Tree shrine detail

Green symbols shrine

Green symbols shrine

The green symbols shrine is glazed in Matt Bronze Green on brownstone clay.  It is the only one I've shown that can't be hung on the wall, but as you can see, a larger candle can fit under it's little roof easily.


  1. Oh, I love the tree shrine -- and the crow one on your previous post!

  2. Many thanks, and it's great to have your comments, as always!

  3. I'm honored by your gift of the crow shrine, Barb! I LOVE it! What a good friend you are. Now I'm thrilled to buy the tree shrine. Love certainly does happen at first sight because I loved it as doon as I saw it. I'm lucky nobody snapped it up before me! Yay!

  4. Tree shrine has lots of little sisters and brothers now, so she will have a good home, and has started a "line" of others like her. I think they may have different glaze colors though.

  5. Just checking back in to tell everyone how happy I am with my crow shrine and tree shrine! This is such a great idea, and portable too! I have them sitting on a plant shelf making my plants (and me) smile. Thanks for your beautiful, beautiful work, Barb!


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