Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snowflake glazes

Several months ago John Britt wrote an article for Ceramics Monthly on Snowflake crystal glazes.
Flower one

So I decided to test some snowflake glazes, cone 6 on brownstone or speckled brownstone clays.  I was delighted with the 8th and 9th versions of his recipes.

The larger batch however wasn't quite as full of crystals and snowflakes.  But I kind of like it as a crazy crazed glaze.  I'm scratching my head about why the test glaze (batch of 100 grams) was gorgeous, then the larger batch (2000 grams) was disappointing.  It still seems to work best with a very heavy glaze covering, but no snowflakes to speak of.

I've got a few pics here, and will post some more tomorrow, as I move into my shrines which I've been assembling.

Flower one detail
Flower two

The leaves of the base are glazed with Matt Bronze Green.

Flower two

Flower two detail


  1. Barb - this is fantastic.
    The glaze turned out really lovely. I love the shape too.

    (You are going to laugh at me - but the shape/points reminded me of that scene in Superman - 80s version with the Fortress of Solitude)

  2. I've been talking with other artists about how our images come from "who knows where"...and there's nothing new under the sun. But the fortress of solitude? Who knows! Thanks for your comments.


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