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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Faking it, making you believe it's something it's not...the facades which come to my mind are the buildings which once graced Main Street in many towns across our country.  I started to say "out west" then thought of some of the buildings right in our small southeastern towns.  Yep, we tend to strut fake stuff by making things look bigger, prettier and better than they actually are. Think of the cosmetic industry.

So here are some little facades.

Is it this, or is it that?   Not meant to "strut" at all, but to be humorous or perhaps to touch some memories.

Click here for the rest...

 Inspired by the idea of a totem, or just a pretty dragonfly.

Each has hooks on the back so they may be hung on a wall.

In this little "facade a la rose," there is a hole for hanging.

All facades stand 7" tall.

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