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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cloverleaf Ramekins

Oatmeal colored glaze is actually eggshell
Rims are given a hint of turquoise with Mexico glaze
The clay is Bellas Blend, (from Highwater) which is a nice creamy cone 6 white stoneware.

Size 7 inch diameter, 2" deep.

I just wanted you to know I'm still throwing things, and this is a pleasing set of baking bowls.  I like their stackability, since I personally have a tiny kitchen.  Many things are easier to add to a kitchen when they don't take up a lot of new space.

They may be a bit shallow for ramekins, when I look at the various ones used to make single serving soufle's.  But I am definitely interesting in cooking some shepherds pies.  Mmm, won't that look yummy?


  1. These are lovely! And they'd be so handy too - dozens of uses. Great idea, Barb! Love, Rosemary (just in case you didn't know who posted this "anonymous" message, haha.)

    1. Thanks Ms. Anonymous Rosie: I know if you don't have a blog, then Blogger makes you be anonymous. Do they also make you type in 2 words to prove you're a person? They started doing that to me on all my comments today. Blah!

  2. Or custards in these, I've been thinking more along the lines of stackable pieces too, harder to do with handbuilt but I am a trying.

    1. I've never made custards, but thought they were usually in smaller seem to cook a lot more than I do!

  3. Oh, these are quite appealing! Shape and colors are lovely!


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