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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Circle of Trees

An open space which is hidden beneath a lid.

When the lid is removed, an open container with trees in a circle inside and out.

I'm excited about exploring looking into a space from outside.  This will be a focus of more of my sculptures coming soon.  This is a concept of coming in from the public area into intimacy of inner private spaces.

The Circle of Trees was inspired by the concept of a sacred grove of trees, which was often used in ancient times for rituals of worship.


  1. This is so great! It's beautiful as a sculpture, but you know how practical I am, so I immediately started thinking...could store a variety of things, or would be a knock out bread warmer (you also know how I love to bake bread.) Whatever it's used for, it's a winner! Wish I could afford it. Maybe some day if it's not snapped up right away.

    1. That's a grreat idea, to use it to warm bread, and I hadn't even thought of a thing with food. So glad to have your comment, as always!


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