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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Garlic keepers


by Barbara Rogers
A friend wanted a red garlic keeper.  I'd never made one these are the 2 for her to choose the size she likes.  Color choice was already hers and I like it too.

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  1. great garlic keepers, leave your lavender alone for now they always look putrid in the winter; in the spring give the tops of each branch a small pinch at ends to get it to send out some more stems. Lavender does best in well drained soil planted in the;ground though since in a container it gets too much water, plant it when all frost days are gone in a raised mound and it should do well. When the lavender plant gets bushy trim it back by one third to keep it bushy and keep is from sprawling out and possibly breaking from he weight in the middle.

    1. Thanks Linda: The lavender is now inside, cause I didn't want it to freeze. I'll watch that it doesn't get too much water...which I think happened with all our rain last summer. Good to know about pinching ends off. I'll do that soon, since it's still putting new growth on.

  2. Those are shiny and bright, brings a burst of color to every kitchen. Nice!

    And a nice red it is. Do you mind sharing Info on, how you got that even, bright red?

    1. The red glaze is commercial, rather than mixed up in the studio. Just go to your local clay source and get Mayco Stroke 'n Coat, and it's a bright red but I don't remember the name. You have to put three coats on, and even then it sometimes looks blotchy. But isn't it cheerful?


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