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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Holiday sale

At White Horse, Black Mountain...

A very cold beginning for a Tail Gate sponsored holiday market...

We were the MudBuddies, situated outside while many other vendors were inside the White Horse.

We set our our pretty wares, all kinds of different beautiful works in clay.
And each of us waited around, all six of us...waiting and waiting...

Bette and beautiful works...

My little half table's worth of pottery was at the end closest to Montreat Rd.

Tricia and Marsha listen to something Bette is sharing with them.

Wendy has a nice vertical rack for her painterly cups

Tricia and Marsha have another vendor behind them selling produce...on the other side of a little fence.

And of course the Seven Sisters mountains are smiling down on us...

It was a moderate day for sales for most of us...and we were grateful the sun came out and it warmed up by noon.
Cathy shares her special decorative pieces.

I'm happy to be a MudBuddy.

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