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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Also known as...
when you need a friend!
And I'm not soliciting any help to support any piscean adventures.  

The last of their tail is either a Molly or a Platy.

Goldie is either a Molly or a Platy. I forgot which one was which a long time ago, about when the other 3 of their kinds had disappeared.  Nope, no bodies.  Those guppies are not only cannibals, but well, they eat other fish besides their own kind...usually after they die.

So black tail hasn't been doing so well.  And there was goldie helping her up to the top to get something to eat.  She just encouraged her, and kind of lifted her along the side.

The guppy in the background was watching as well...would this be dinner tomorrow?

Nope, the next day black tail was doing much better.  She made it to the top on her own to eat breakfast.

I have a gazillion guppies, who are all sisters/brothers.  Only one mother seems to give birth, and I did a quarantine of babies for about 6 weeks so some of them might survive the hungry adults.  So now there are many more than anyone would want, and probably way beyond the population density for the 10 gallon tank.

But they are mainly boring little silver minnows, and I didn't get any of the markings of the pretty orange and black and speckled male dads...except a few black spotted tails.  I'd never make a good fish breeder, cause I respect all life, no matter how pretty or ugly!

Update note: Just today I found the black tailed orange fish wedged in a corner under a rock, with those glazed eyes.  So she was ceremonially flushed with wishes for a good life next round. Maybe I should go purchase another orange fish to keep the one survivor company...but with so many guppies, that really doesn't make much sense.  So she's now the lonely little goldfish among the minnows, so to speak.

Today's quote:

When it becomes too cold to be outside with nature, bring her inside through your meditation. Madisyn Taylor

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  1. Sorry for your loss :-(
    It still amazes me how much joy my little betta fish brings me. Someday I will consider a little bit bigger tank where I can keep multiple fish.


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