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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Some yellows and greens, and glaze combinations

Sometimes a computer monitor has a setting whereby yellows and greens can get confusing, not to mention what a camera is able to convert into pixels.  So I'll start off with nature.
Crocus flowers in natural sunlight.
Even the camera is blown from capturing the paler yellow shades in sunlight, and they just blur into white petals.  This is an intense yellow going toward orange.

A couple more yellows in nature, which cameras just seem to hate.  The leaves in the bottom photo are a pale yellow green, and I think of them as chartreuse. I don't have a glaze that matches that color exactly.

This vase has two colors of leaves, 1) a light grass green, and the other 2) a yellow-green, which is close to a chartreuse, indoor and natural lighting. Note, the pinkish glaze for the flowers did all the fading in the kiln, it was supposed to be a bright purple-pink.

3) Butter Yellow glaze outside, with blue glaze inside, on white clay, indoor and natural lighting.

4) Celadon glaze on white clay, with natural lighting.

4) Celadon on white clay with indoor lighting.

5) Blue flower on white clay, indoor lighting. Yellow on bee and flower are Dandelion yellow.

6) Celadon glaze on Speckled Brownstone clay, natural lighting.

 4) Celadon on white clay, indoor lighting, with drips of plum glaze.

7) Matt Bronze Green on speckled brownstone, with turquoise leaves.  MBG glaze is not recommended for food.

 8) Turquoise glaze on speckled brownstone clay, indoor lighting

9) Glossy green glaze on bottom half, dipped again in white for the two mugs on left, dipped again in plum for the mug on the right, all on white clay, indoor lighting.

10) Matt bronze green on bottom, celadon in middle and interior,  then edge dipped in plum glazes, on white clay, indoor lighting.

9) Glossy green with white glaze over it. Leaves in turquoise. White clay.
9) exterior of same 4 inch small bowl, natural and indoor lighting.

OK, so when we talk about greens, there are so many variations, and yellows as well.  Please don't ask me to match a color.  I'd go crazy (except when I do some simple glaze like the Butter Yellow, which comes pre-mixed, and isn't a combination like a lot of my glazed pieces.) When painting flowers, bees, and lady bugs, most of the glaze requires three coats to be a clear color, which is why these take so much work.

Today's Quote:

"I feel that art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos. A stillness which characterizes prayer, too, and the eye of the storm. I think that art has something to do with an arrest of attention in the midst of distraction."  Saul Bellow

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  1. some nice flowers there... are these photos recent? We seem to be stuck in the middle of summer... yes much too difficult to match underglaze colours...


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