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Sunday, August 14, 2016

What counts

What do you do with super sunflowers?

Share them, of course.
So I hacked away at this giant, and after standing beside it and taking this selfie, I cut off abou 4 more feet of stem. 

Then I found out that even having it in a huge vase it still looked droopy. 

But off to market we went. Yesterday was the all time worst day at market for sales.  But it was pretty, and we has a breeze, and I saw a few friends.  So on the scales that count, it was pretty high.

The sunflower and huge vase came home with me. 


  1. We Mud Buddies know the Sourwood Festival does this every year. We're there for 3 hours, the art festival is there for 2 days. I'm glad of our efforts.

  2. The heat was intense here yesterday -- perhaps that accounts for the low turnout. I know, as an author who's done quite a few events, how dispiriting it is to sit there with all your stuff for sale and get few or no takers.

  3. love the sunflower, last week was slow at our market and this week was great, it isn't easy being chipper with no customers I know I have been there too many times and all the packing and unpacking takes so much time, oh well, such is life


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