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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To survive or not...

Last year I had a huge sunflower plant, which gave this wonderful bloom.

I saved some of the seeds when the flower head began to mildew.  Who knew if they would ever be any good.

A friend bought this lovely orange sunflower at the Tailgate Market last weekend. 

This year I was thrilled to have a raised bed to garden in, and planted just 6 of the giant sunflower seeds.  I pruned them down to three plants last week.  But on Saturday I was dismayed to see that 2 of the surviving ones were almost dead...all the leaves crumbled and brown.

This is the healthiest sunflower left.

I don't know if it will survive to bloom.  I bent down the one that was almost completely dead.  We shall see...

With frequent rains, I haven't been going over to water the raised garden.  I've got a LOT of tomatoes starting.  No beans however.  Oh well.  

I have more seeds both of beans and the giant sunflowers.  Wish I knew what was killing them.

Today's Quote:

For me, a lovely day is any day I wake up.
Bernie S. Siegel


  1. I love sunflowers too, good luck there…we have had virtually no rain all summer…BIZARRE.

  2. It hasn't been a great gardening year for me -- too dry, deer, rabbits, etc.


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