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Thursday, August 18, 2016


So now I'm re-potting.  That means returning to making pottery.  And it also means I'm returning to using muscles which had a couple of weeks away from work.

So my journey goes back to a beginning again, the spiral of my path going onward.  Who knows where and when it will end.  I can just step along and do whatever I'm able and interested in doing today.

And going outward or inward, just flowing along like the breeze, like water seeking the lowest point around it, like fire burning anything that is provided to burn, and like the earth or clay which I can maybe turn into something beautiful.

I wish so.

Today's quote:

Remember that anger and every other emotion are never good or bad. They can, however, become toxic of you don’t express them in healthy and proactive ways. 
Madisyn Taylor “Daily Om”


  1. Makes me think of the Navigators Stones we were given in New Zealand.
    On one side,the inward spiral,the female,the planning. Balanced by the outward spiral, the male, the making of the journey. Like Yin and Yang, each need the other.

  2. Glad to hear it. I like your attitude.


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