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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Science or art?

I haven't gotten to doing a lot lately.  Must be the summertime blues.  OK, I will pull myself up by my bootstraps and get going.  Who was it that said "start something, that's the hardest part?"

R. Crumb, cartoonist of "Keep on Trucking" fame, said:  "I work in erratic spurts. Getting started is like getting a rocket off the ground. You need the most energy and the most push to get started; once you're up there and you're going, then it's easier to keep going. Sit down and pick up where you left off, you know. Getting going is always tough."  It was his birthday yesterday, (1943).

Boy do I know what he means!  Inertia.  Science says a body in motion tends to stay in motion, a body at rest tends to stay at rest! I didn't need to study physics to know whichever law of motion that is!

Someone took me up on my offer and picked all the basil off my very abundant plant.  I cut it back and maybe there will be some more...or will it turn bitter?


  1. Love the sunflowers!
    You are so right about getting started!

  2. hope you soon get going.. I love zinnia flowers.. always so bright

  3. Pruning will not make your basil turn bitter. The biggest reason for bitter basil is allowing the plant to flower.

    I think most of us have these little spurts of inertia as we get older. Perhaps it's Nature's way of telling us to sit down, you're not as young as you used to be so you can't be as active. Well, that's my excuse anyway.

    1. Yay, I've been picking off the buds every time they start on all my basil plants, but this one is the only one which has good organic compost to grow in!

  4. A body at rest tends to get hooked on binge watching Netflix.

  5. I think there is something in the air right now, I too am having a hard time getting out of my own way.
    Your basil should be fine. I cut bunches off of mine nearly every day. It seems to encourage growth. Like the other commenter said, you don't want to let it flower.

  6. Love seeing your sunflowers. Quite beautiful.


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