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Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday with Mugs

There are four new mugs waiting for a glaze painting.  What shall I do this time?

The bees were inspired.
The bears were requested.

I've tried cats, and am too emotionally attached to give a good simple rendering...but maybe I could just do a line drawing of one sitting's hard for me to do them, but seriously, as an artist, I know I really can.  Just need to put my mind to it.

Dogs? I admit I don't know how to draw dogs very well.

Flowers? I've done some geranium take-offs, and roses.  Mmm, even did a vase with a dahlia on it.
And it's not hard to do daisies or black eyed susans.  I have one mug that hasn't sold with periwinkles on it.  Wonder why.

So the mugs are sitting there like freshly stretched canvases, waiting for the potter to be inspired.

Thought for the day:

Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it. Why? Because it is all we ever have.
Pema Chödrön


  1. Options are always a good thing. I like the geraniums myself.
    I like you thumb rests on the mug handle.

  2. Spirals, they would great with spirals, Newgrangey spirals, can't have too many spirals!

  3. You really are busy and you do make great pots. I keep an eye on you but haven't been commenting much lately.

  4. THanks friends...I found out yesterday that my hands are so shaky that whatever is done will be sketchily done. But hey, you gotta start with where you already are, right?


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