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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Green tomatoes

Having invested not too much time or money into the two tomato plants which I've sort of tended this summer, I have finally put some of the fruit on the windowsill.  Don't know if any of it will ever be edible.  Sauce time perhaps.  (Though I admit I don't really like tomato sauce on anything but pizza.)

But I could cook up a quart or two of pizza sauce, and freeze it, perhaps.

For now, I enjoy seeing how these globular fruits just stay mostly green.  I was going to fry some of them up for fried green tomatoes, but haven't gotten to it.

Quote for today:

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St. Paul


  1. From Michelle'
    Don't know why blogger didn't post this...
    The window sill method of ripening isn't the best. Try putting them in a cardboard box or a paper bag. Some suggest adding a banana to the container and for some reason that helps the ripening. I really missed having good tomatoes this year. We didn't plant any and the local sources had a bad year. :-( on End of summer

  2. Barbara -- I don't know what the best method is for ripening tomatoes but I do know that if I leave them on a table or counter-top in my kitchen they ripen quite fast. -- barbara

  3. The orange smallish on in the lower photo became quickly covered with mildew along it's "stretch mark." The others are now tucked inside a cardboard box, trying to get some difference from them. I don't leave them more than 12 hours however, because I don't want the rest of them to get mildew on them. I think I'll have more orange ones off the vine in a little bit.


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