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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Changes in my life again

Outside one of my doctor's offices, some white hydrangeas caught my eye...and the camera in the phone.

My own life is still going through changes, so hopefully I can breathe without coughing throughout the night, which leaves me exhausted some of the time.  I have no idea what triggers this happening, and have just spent the last 2 months trying two courses of antibiotics.  After the second two weeks of antibiotics including steroids, I continued to have much more mucous than one would like to live another doctor was consulted.

I found out I've done just about everything already to help this condition.  He said I should return to getting my allergy shots (which I did an hour later).  I also changed back to one of the over-the-counter allergy drugs that had been sort of helping.  I had tried about 3 days on another one and had even less help.

And the biggest thing that is going to change my life most, I'm going to stay away from the clay studio for a couple of weeks.  The dust being in the air obviously is not good for anyone to breathe.  The new doctor was more concerned about the various chemicals in the glazes which are used.  So I'm going to be very careful just painting with glazes at home...using plastic gloves and a face mask that can help keep chemical dust particles off of me.

I will wait another 2 weeks before going back to the studio and finishing up glazing my mugs and vases, as well as a platter.  I'm thankful that a couple of friends will take my volunteer days that I usually give to the studio.

Now I need to get back on my feet by walking and being outside when the temperature allows.

Today's Quote:

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
Carl Gustav Jung


  1. Man, I am so sorry about your news and health and very much hope you can feel better soon and get back to the work you love!

  2. Oh, so sorry you are taken from the thing you love so much. Positive thoughts from our side of the mountains.


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