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Friday, August 26, 2016

At the Tailgate Market

Those Mud Buddies are welcoming everyone to choose the pottery that they want to enjoy in their homes (or the homes of their loved ones).

We also have a lot of fun!

There are some new mugs, one of which belongs to Shelly, my good friend.  That leaves the other 2 available!  It's called variations on a theme...small, smaller and smallest...for people who don't drink a whole big mug of their favorite beverage. 

See you between 9am -12pm at the corner of First and Montreat Rd. in Black Mountain, NC on Saturday!


  1. What a hot sunny morning, and no sales of my pottery! At least a couple of other Mud Buddies did have some sales. It was so hot by noon, we could barely touch the pots to pack them up! Well, next week is a holiday, but historically we haven't had good sales on that day! Thus is the life of potters

  2. Sorry about the hot day and lack of sales. A lot of folks have left the mountains for a while. I'm sure you really do well during leaf peeper season.

    I love the mugs. My husband uses VERY large mugs. We had four of them made for him. They hold three and-a-half cups from Mr. Coffee. I much prefer a smaller mug. Not because I don't drink much coffee...but because I like to refill my cup more often.


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