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Friday, August 12, 2016

A Pisgah trip

Pisgah Mountain is south of Asheville, along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
A friend and I decided to go to a lovely little spot on the side of the mountain, the Pisgah Inn, for lunch. And maybe see some vistas.

That was a big maybe with the low clouds and frequent rain on last Wednesday!

Our first overlook towards the south and east (I think).
 Some industry in the distance, perhaps along I-26.

My dear friend Helen.

Whoever lives in Bad Fork Valley must not mind the name too much, because they even have a golf course.

This is my favorite picture from the day.  The clouds would continue to whisper across the road, and sometimes we got real raindrops.  But they were more and more prevalent the higher we got.

So having tables by the windows offered no views except the delicious food...and other diners shown here.

But Helen was right, for a few minutes we got to see the view of the mountains and even some goldfinches (didn't even try to capture them in photos).

Through the window of the Pisgah Inn.

A lot of construction was going on where the deck used to be, apparently it will be larger soon.  That will just mean a reduced view from inside the restaurant, but more space to stand and look when outside.  I wonder if they will still have a place for people to smoke like they did last year when I visited.

Today's Quote:

Each word we speak has a life of its own, a vibratory signature that creates waves into the expanse of the universe. Daily Om


  1. This boy from the low countries says: "Beautiful landscape!"

  2. Beautiful scenery. But you do have to wonder what caused "Bad Fork Valley" to be so called? I love your remark about the residents not thinking too negatively about it if they have a golf course there. :) Every year, on my way home from vacation at Lake Tahoe, I pass a road sign saying "Tragedy Springs" and I can't help wondering what might have happened to create such a name? I guess I could look it up?

  3. I can't bear to think that every word I speak goes vibrating off into the the universe. The thought will keep me buttoned up for a while and I'm sure my husband will be pleased.

  4. Thanks for the visual trip into the Blue Ridge. They are stunning, though from a California's point of view we think of them as hills. But they are lush and gorgeous. And I remember stopping at Mayberry to buy some goodies. When I tell people I've been to Mayberry they get excited. Then I tell them it's one building and a wide spot in the road. But it was such a treat in that one little store.


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