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Monday, November 30, 2015

Wiggling kids

My paternal grandmother was holding me, though I look about to take off at almost one year of age.  My cousins Claudette (on r.) and Sandra also look as thought they aren't going to stand there much longer.

This relates to the Sepia Saturday photo by considering how anyone could ever get a big group of children to stay still long enough for a photo...just get them to play a game! Check at this link for more Sepia Saturday postings.  I'm very late posting mine!

Same grandmother with her own baby Alexander, at 9 months on her lap, who became the father of my cousins in the first photo.  Three year old Elmore (in background) didn't live to be an adult.

A more recent photo of myself on left, my nephew Zach in the tree, and my sister Mary on right.  In front is niece, Lisa and my youngest son, Tai, holding a black cat of my sister's, at her home in Houston, TX.


  1. Wiggling and wriggling kids - oh yes, and often trying to wriggle out of chores too! Lovely photos.


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