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Friday, November 20, 2015

The last TailGate for 2015

What a great season this has been for the Mudbuddies.

At least in friendships shared, and spending 3 hours each Saturday in the lovely setting behind the First Baptist Church.  It was great being outside in the sunshine, under the oaks, and watching the children and dogs cavorting around with their parents.

We had to cancel several markets because of rain this year.  That was a first.
Our Mudbuddies have had two of us in attendance each week, but we've shifted around sometimes due to health or traveling.

The Holiday Market is set for Saturday Nov. 21, from 10-1 pm.  I'm bringing all my mugs.  Really!  As well as some lidded jars with some treats to put inside for gift giving!

So it's time to say so-long.  And a big thank you to all our great customers.  See you next year!

It's been fun!


  1. Beautiful mugs! Hope you're feeling good.

  2. Toes crossed that you have nothing to bring back!
    You are going to keep posting here.....I hope!


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