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Saturday, November 7, 2015

On habits

There are the kind of habits which make our lives easier, in that we can be thinking of something else while we step into our slacks with one foot first rather than the other, or put that sock on first, or even brush our teath on that side first...easy going habits.

Then there are the ones that just evolve over time and then we notice that they don't work any more.

This morning I realized how much my morning routine followed the demands of my pets.  And how I had a habit of sitting at the computer with my sweet Muffin demanding more and more as the years went by.  I of course provided what I could, and received a warm lap buddy some of the time.  Now that she can no longer wake me up, her sister-in-kind does, in her very own manner. 

As Panther steps on my hair on the pillow then settles in to purr and sleep on top of my head, I am reminded of all those meows and pats and even claws on skin that Muffin would give me.  And when Panther doesn't want to sit on my lap any more, I wonder if she only used to do it because I liked it.  She has a claw problem, and has to be very careful about how any fabric can catch her claws.  I love waking up with my pet demanding my help.  It makes me have a good reason to get out of bed on dreary mornings.

But back to topic. 

Bad habits are such that we receive no benefit, unless it's possibily an immediate gain with a long-term-pain attached to it.  Good habits are those that our mothers tried so hard to instaill in us.

The trick is to see which ones are worth keeping, at least to see that we have them.

That's one good thing about recently moving...I'm setting up some new habits...routines which I didn't have before.  And obviously leaving behind some as well.

There are still too many tuperware tubs of things in my small home.  I have habitually ignored them.  But since I try to not be a hoarder...(she tells herself frequently) I must work to combat the "save it you might need it later" attitude.

Off I go to try to live more intentionally.  Wish me luck!

 Quote for today:
Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.


  1. Sure, you have to reconsider things from time to time, indeed!

  2. I read somewhere that it takes three weeks to break or establish a habit. Getting into the habit of being aware of habits can be the most difficult habit of all.
    Like the quote today. By all means avoid falling into the abyss!

    1. I don't think being aware will ever be a habit!

  3. It is interesting how a move to a new environment can change your habits and routines. The cat in this house also influences many of them!

  4. Pets are definitely a reason to get up and get going, I have a litter box to clean, food to dispense, and two bird feeders to fill before I even have my coffee.v

    I've just spent most of the day going through old pictures and other ephemera -- what to save, what to toss . . . it's an emotionally grueling task and I think it's time for a glass of wine. This is what comes of having lived in the same house for forty years...

    1. I scanned a lot of old photos into an external hard drive, and supposedly threw away the originals (but I didn't, yet).

  5. Barbara -- I can feel your pain in parting with those plastic tubs of "might need it someday." I have been slowly giving way to living without them -- still have a few that need to be "gone." But wait -- what about -- no gone! Hesitation is a side player in getting rid of things that we carry around on our neck like the albatross from the The "Rime of the Ancient Mariner." My goal is to have most of my stuff gone in a year. I have already gotten rid of most of my stuff over the years and it feels great. --- barbara

    1. Good for you, you can set an example for me, Barbara!


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