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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Living with character defects

By my age I've accepted that I'm just a certain way.  Acceptance doesn't mean change, unfortunately, at times.

That I am a creative person is something I don't want to change, and is probably not a defect of my character.

I'm honest...another character trait that's mostly lauded.

But I'm a terrible housekeeper, a poor maintenance type.  So I'm accepting it, and still working to at least make myself be more able to live in a clean house.  Well, with allergies that knock me down with coughing, it's a survival trait that I now depend upon.  That there may be mold behind these freshly painted (built in 1981) walls, just indicates to me that I've got to work extra hard to keep my side of the new paint cleaner.

I now don't leave the tub to dry after a's got to be dry within an hour of a fan or the window being open.  Nothing is allowed to drip drip drip either.

But back to my current dilemma.

Can you see the little dust ring left from the glass left on the dresser for just a few weeks?

There's construction going on, and I leave windows open when I can.  So dust has been settling on everything for this first month of living here.

Oh no, this means it's everywhere!

So I can't possibly pick up each piece of pottery and dust it and the shelf which held it.  Can I?
Nope, my solution is to pack some of the pots back up...label where I pack them (of course) and not have them collecting dust.

I need to dust regularly too.
Any other solution?

I wish I had a grandchild around who could do this.  Wouldn't that be nice?  But they all live hundreds of miles away.

Shucks.  I'll have to wear a face mask to do this.  But it's time to put my big girl panties on and go to work.


  1. what about an oil cloth type of duster, they have them for cars and they seem to work, that way dust wouldn't get into the air. if there is mold behind your walls that should be the landlords responsibility ?? I do the cooking but I don't do any dishes or housecleaning any more, I told Gary I did it for 26 years, now it's his turn for 26 years. Ha

  2. Thanks Linda. So Gary can come dust for me every other week right?

  3. Barbara -- You and your allergies would not survive in western Oregon -- mold is a major problem here -- it is everywhere!! I am with Linda above -- forget the housecleaning. -- -- barbara

    1. I'm with you on forgetting the housecleaning, Barbara!

  4. Barbara, I'm not a great house-keeper either, but I do enjoy dusting all the little collectibles here and there. I only do it once every 2 weeks.. so I don't know if that's good or not (but then we have no allergies). And I have gotten rid of things that collect up high above cabinets. I'm getting too old to climb up there and dust. And although I may enjoy cooking and dusting, DH does the sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming since he's home. He even does some of the cooking and clean-up... on occasion.

    1. Yay you have a DH to help with housework. Perhaps I should start dating again...wanted: househusband who's willing to share dusting chores!

  5. You need a Dustbuster from Black and Decker. They make many different models all with rechargable lithium batteries. You can google to see what is offered, but I when actually buying I like to actually see and hold what I am buying. Most hardware, tool suppliers, and big box stores carry Black and Decker. I have known at least two collectors who swear by them. We used one around the wood stove for years until it finally passed out; it kept a lot of stuff from getting into the air too.


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