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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Life brings a bowl of cherry pits

So now I'm on my back and feeling less than myself 
There's the part of me that still thinks I'm invincible. Yes the superwoman who now knows that pain is inevitable. And she also knows that pain relievers aren't so great.
So pneumonia reared its ugly head, and knocked me off my feet. Most of us would rather not see or talk about what we look like when we're on our backs. But hey, it's all part of this great experience.
And also I  will appreciate my home life so much better. In a day or two!


  1. You look pretty as a picture, even as sick as you are! Poor you, I hope you get over this thing fast and start feeling as good as you look!
    Sending love and good health!

  2. you are in the hospital, oh no, I thought that was a fb memory from a few years ago, hope you get better soon.

  3. Feel better soon. I admire your positive view of being sick.

  4. Pneumonia comes on so quickly. I hope you are back on your feet and in your own home quickly.

  5. Oh, so sorry you are so sick. Hope you feel better soon. Hospitals are not fun places to be.

  6. Oh, my -- I missed this. And am glad to see that you're back home.


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