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Friday, November 13, 2015

Learning about blogger on iPhone and iPad

So there's no right hand column, on those great little phone gadgets?  You can't see my lists of all the blogs I follow daily...that is unless you really try.  And it's so cumbersome, I missed checking on some of my friends' blogs for a few days.  I only had the phone in the hospital.

And there are no listed little tabs (called pages) at the top of my blog, right under the header picture.  Hey, that's where I sell my pottery!

Need to re-think that.

Both those places are now just places available if you have iPad (or tablet access) or computer access to blogger.  And we all know that half the folks in the world are on a smart phone of some kind or another.

Even when I put a link onto Facebook leading back to the blog, not many people follow it.  They look at the title, and any photo I post, then scroll on down.  They might push 'like.'  And some even comment to FB without reading the link at all.

Communication is a lost art.  But then, just typing here is not really communicating.  It's sharing my thoughts, but I don't know that anyone will read them.  All authors know this.


  1. my eight year old laptop is just fine, no ipad, no iphone , actually don't even know what they are, plus I can't even see the screen let alone press the right button.

  2. Barbara -- Sorry to hear you have been sick. Pneumonia is rather serious so take it easy. Funny (really not so funny), this past week I also was sick and spent half the night in emergency. I'm fine now. All this high tech stuff gives me a headache sometimes. But life goes on and I love it. Take Care -- barbara

  3. Thanks for letting me know that 4 of you are out there reading this! Glad to hear from you!

  4. Make that five! Reading on my laptop -- as I don't have those other gadgets.


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