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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Last minute visitors

I've been "taking it easy" since getting discharged 2 weeks ago from "pneumonia treatmetn."  And it's been pretty easy in my small digs these days.  My friends insisted that I don't "over do it."

But last week I got a text message about getting together for Thanksgiving. I did quickly say I couldn't travel this time.  So I expect some visitors.  And I can't hostess a feast, I'm afraid.

This lady doesn't wish to turn anyone away, however, so I found a restaurant that had a reservation still open. All of the ones I'd preferred were already completely booked.

This town (Asheville and Black Mountain) apparently has lots of folks who don't wish to do the whole feast thing at home these days!

I'm excited to see my grands and my son and his wife.  This will be a whirlwind visit of just 2 nights and one day, and they will stay in a nearby motel.

There's the lovely sleeping goddess figure on my windowsill (pic above).  I got this from another follower of goddess history who had visited Malta, where there are temples and even an underground system of rooms called the Hypogenium.  For information on Malta in the Mediterranean Sea try this link...HERE.

When our apartment management sent a young woman to clean the insides of my new windows, she moved the little figure to a table.  Later she said to me it looked like where she came from.  I said, that's from Malta.

Indeed she had been born and raised in Malta!  She said she even gave tours of the Hypogenium where this little statue had been found.  We talked briefly, and she stopped by later on her way to another job.  What a small world this is!

And this week, I am very grateful that my son and family will drive all the way to see me.  I feel so blessed.

Now back to work cleaning up!

Today's Quote:

“There’s nothing to prove, nothing to figure out, nothing to get, nothing to understand.
When we finally stop explaining to ourselves, we may discover that in silence,
complete understanding is already there.”
~Steve Hagen~


  1. Not intending to mislead you, the little figure from Malta is a replica, not the original

  2. You don't run into people from Malta every day, now, do you? :) Have a great Thanksgiving with your fam!

  3. it is a small world that's for sure, what is the plate in the window ? is it a stained glass or a plate ? did you make it ? it's wonderful; no family near by, we'll be having turkey thighs on the BBQ. ha, last year I cooked a goose and it splattered all over the oven, never again.

    1. Hi's stained glass...well, not cut and assembled but somehow pressed, with nice classic design and some surface variation treatment. It might not even be glass, now that I think about it. But the southern windows give a pretty light through it, don't they?

  4. That sure is a beautiful piece, and how interesting that that woman was sent to clean your windows... and isn't great that they send someone to clean your windows?!!
    Glad you found a restaurant with a reservation open, it seems things book up quickly on Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family time.


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