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Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's alive!

I am home again and taking it easy. This message is for all of you Who told me to take it easy. My friends must think I'm not that lazy lay-about that I really am. Well I've got them fooled.

No seriously, having been on my back for most of the last three days, it feels good to stretch and move but I do get tired quickly.

As usual I don't have symptoms that are listed in any books for a particular ailment. But after a few zillion tests best diagnosis they could come up with was pneumonia, Community acquired pneumonia specifically

Whatever it is I'm sure rest will help. So I am not going to do the tailgate market this weekend as planned. My Mudbuddy friend, Cathy will be selling her pottery on Saturday. 

My final decision will be tomorrow of course. But based on how my old bones are moving today Im thinking "Take it easy."

But the Holiday Market  will be on the next Saturday. And I want to be there.


  1. play it by ear, no sense pushing it if you tired.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Better to take this weekend off so that you can do the Holiday Market.

  3. Don't push yourself. Your main job is to heal.

  4. Thanks Linda, Michelle, and Vicky. I am doing my best to rest. It's great to have the windows open and have fresh air flowing through the house.

  5. Pneumonia, oh WOW. I am so hopeful that you recover soon!

  6. Be kind to yourself and get better!
    We women of a certain age have to take care of ourselves!
    What is going on with November this year?


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