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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Caps and kids

Sepia Saturday, here I am again, finally!
Have certainly missed being on line much due to health concerns.  But I'm back!

This week's meme has to do with young boys playing some tossing game with their caps.

My photos are much more recent, but I think have a bit of a loose connection.
My son, Tai was jumping for joy on his first occasion of snow on the ground, around 1986.

And what about that cap on his head?
None have ever been made in quite that way.  They should maybe.
A ski cap, knit by yours truly.  Then a much more "cool" cap on top.  I am not sure why he thought he needed both...but they worked for him.

What joy of learning how to throw a snowball. (But I notice he's switched from his own gloves to my leather ones...mmm.)

More recently, three of my granddaughters went skiing.  They love this sport, as well as all the rest of the fun that goes along with it.  So notice their helmets.

Goodness, does everyone wear helmets for all sports these days?  They don't when they swim or do gymnastics at least.  Whew!

For more photos of caps, and interesting contributions based upon (loosely) this meme, go check out the linked names at the bottom of Sepia Saturday.


  1. I like seeing them all. I still wear my stocking cap when I walk the dog.

  2. Not cold enough for a knit cap here yet. Very wet today.

  3. all I could think of was frisbees. ha.

  4. Your son might have worn the knit cap for warmth, and the cap with visor over it for the shade it offered his eyes? And good for your granddaughters being protected by helmets when they ski. Very smart. I know many of us managed to survive without serious injury skiing & biking & roller skating & such without helmets and other protective gear when we were young. But some did not & it's always better to be safe than sorry!

  5. I started humming Kids just Gotta Have Fun, with apologies to whoever sings the original. A fund post.

  6. I like your son's style with the cap worn over his beanie hat. Your granddaughters look so happy. The way my granddaughter speeds around on her bike and scooter, I am just glad she wears a helmet.

  7. Very suitable photos. I'm always looking for winter caps which have fold out bands to cover the ears. They are not commonly found in the South though.

  8. The second and third photos are more than just family snap shots. They are very pleasing to look at.

  9. Your son's warm handmade hat looks like it should have been a keeper, to be saved for the next generation.


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