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Monday, February 10, 2014

Photos sideways

I'm pretty new to having a smart phone.
I take lots of photos with mine.
I always hold the phone vertically.  And snap the pics.

Today I discovered Etsy won't let me use any of those vertically oriented photos on my little shop.  These aren't exactly "professional" level photos...but I did set up a nice background, and had natural light, just like they asked me to do.

And all the pots lie there on their sides.  There is no Etsy fix.  I looked through 60 or so of their topics that had very little to do with sideways photos.  Finally tried the forum page, and others had had it happen, and spoke of using Picasa to switch them around.  So I edited all the ones I wanted to use, saved them after turning them on their sides then back to vertical, crossed all fingers and toes. And finally it worked. 

And of course then I had to click about a dozen other tabs that have nothing to do with pottery.

I'm so glad Etsy is there.  I'm waiting to make a sale on it.  I do like browsing other's shops and choosing favorites.  I'd like to sell something some day.  Maybe I need more pots listed.  So today I've got a few more to post.  Now that I've got the photos upright!

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