Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh pretty rice bowls

I like the glazing for color variation on these "chopstick" bowls.

Unfortunately the eggshell lining is full of tiny pin holes, so they aren't food safe.  So they will work very well with a bulb or two planted in them, to be enjoyed as bowls as growing medium.


  1. So pretty in form and glaze. Toes crossed that you solve the glaze problem so they can be used for food. However, a hyacinth or paperwhite bulb would look wonderful in them.

  2. darn it I hate it when that happens, those are so beautiful the way you overlapped the glazes.

  3. Have you tried re-firing to get rid of the pin holes? Sometimes that works, sometime it doesn't but if you consider they are already not useable for food you have nothing to loose.

  4. And the good news is that I gave 2 to my son, who can refire them to cone 6. Our studio doesn't do "refires" at this time. So maybe those pinholes will be gone gone gone.


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