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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Studio Tour is (NOT) over

ADDED ON SUN:Wait wait, there's still the rest of Sunday!

FROM WED: I usually do this trick, which seems to help me get through the last few days of preparing for something "big in my life."  I call it "anxiety relief by previewing."

I envision that it's already over.  I imagine the satisfied and tired feeling of a job well done.  I feel the let down and relaxation and the rumination of all that has happened while my adrenalin was high.  So here I am, three days before the studio tour, writing for a posting that will be on my blog after it's already halfway over.

There were (will be) lots of surprises.  Some young people I didn't expect.  College students didn't show up (they had other things to look at, and probably wouldn't buy hand-crafted things anyway.)  Oh dear, I shouldn't have that attitude, should I?

FROM WED: OK, some college age students DID come by, and they liked my (-----fill in the blank------).  As Gary Rith says, at least I didn't get a van-load of children that wanted to throw the pottery about.

time warp...these are waiting to bisque fire here, and hopefully will be glazed and sold by the time this is published
Charles actually brought these after they had been glazed on Fri evening.  He drives by my house usually several times a day, but it was very sweet of him to stop by with a handful of angels.  (Pictures will be taken soon!)

My cottage was pleasantly visited (I hope) by maybe 6 people at a time, in spurts of couples and singles, and there were only a very few times I could sit back and wait for someone else to come by.

FROM WED: I did not eat all my snacks myself, and was so smart to have prepared a salad in a Tupperware container in the fridge for my own lunch!  ADDED ON SUN: Forgot to do salad, had left over soup with a friend!

My friend, Sarah Sunshine Vakesi had lots of people visit her up the hill from me, and they placed orders for dinnerware.  She is going to be busy for months to come.

Thanks to my friend Rosemary who gave me the bird bath!

My neighbors and fellow church members came by and financially and emotionally supported me!

I didn't pay much attention to sales, they just trickled in both days enough to pay for being in the tour and the things I bought to improve my environment.  Like Christmas white lights which Tim helped hang, and the great gold star which turns pink at night which Cathy assembled for me...these I'll enjoy for a long time.

Sarah's tray is on the left of this display.

And then there are the new fish...what fun to have clean aquariums with pretty fish.  The 15 cent goldfish are so pretty, and they don't know they were destined to be rescued from being feeder fish.  That's how I feel...a retired feeder fish, who now lives in comfort and has all that I need.

A great deal of appreciation to everyone who supported this studio tour, whether through invisible work in the background, or just in coming to let me know they care about me.  Thanks!

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  1. END OF SUNDAY: note, the rainy day on Sun. meant less people out driving around...but there were still several times that I had a crowd in my little space. Sales were off compared to Sat. And I am exhausted!


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