Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What does yoga have to do with pottery?

No I can't do most of what these women can do in Yoga.  But I absolutely love the message.
And my inner me is saying YES.

So check out parts of this long video if you want to see a woman's yoga, with Angela Farmer.


There's no reason the same body awareness shouldn't be used while performing pot throwing or sculpting, now is there?

My yoga teachers will all agree that I try, I enjoy and I stop when it hurts somewhere in my mostly sedentary body these days.

I am glad to have seen this video, and been inspired to move the way Ms.Farmer promotes, from within.  I am also glad that I didn't hear about her a month ago, because one of her workshops was right here in Asheville Sept. 15.  And I would have not missed it for anything, though I'd have been in the back barely moving...but learning so much.


  1. I know, you want to stretch it because use it or lose it!

  2. By doing yoga you'll most likely start to notice that you can do a little more yoga and other things. Keep moving.


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