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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Studio work

Before...(what a mess), but most pots have been put into boxes so shelves can be moved around.

The basic format for setting up an exhibit, but still needs tweaking a bit.

This is my table to do hand work, the wheel is over under the air conditioner, which has now been removed and stored for the winter.  I also am using this table for shipping things.  So supplies will be against the wall behind it, and underneath.  I'm so glad to start putting the pots back on shelves and out of those boxes.

And now I'm throwing pots again.  The Tailgate Market was great last weekend, but it will only happen one more week.  Then I'll be getting this space cleaned up (much better than this) for the Nov 16-17 Studio Tour.  Tell your friends to come on over...and I hope you can come by as well!

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