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Sunday, October 20, 2013

For the huge coffee lover

Or maybe another beverage!  I'm sort of biased as a coffee drinker, often decaf.  But I do love herbal teas too.  And cocoa...on some days it just hits the spot.

The huge mugs hold more, and took half again as much clay as my normally big mugs.  Sorry about the poor lighting.  I'll try to take a few more pictures before this goes to press.  There are light blue rims, deep green bottoms and an off white glaze inside and along the tops of the outside.

Again, they may fit in some cars cup-holders.  How much liquid of your choice do they hold?  Just a hair less than 16 oz.  Yesterday's mugs are 1 cup plus an ounce, or 300 ml.

I'm just back from the Tailgate Market on Sat. Oct 19 and have sold all these mugs, as well as the ones I showed you yesterday.  I have more that will be coming out of the glaze kiln next week, and hope to have some for next week for the last Tailgate Market of the season (except for a Holiday Market on Nov 23).

I'm so happy to have sold well today.  It makes up for all the days that I came home with a feeling of hopelessness.  Gotta get that under control.  Maybe.

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