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Saturday, October 5, 2013

China cats and Jack

Here I am minding my own business with Mr. Jack-o-lantern ...

I used to be wild, and the Panther name (called Painter in North Carolina by the old folks) is about my true nature.

But the elder queen of calico-hood in this residence (Muffin) has something to say about that...

We quickly change places, and without any claws coming out this time.

What a dull little thing, nothing edible here!

But now we have correct decoration for the holiday at least!


  1. Love the jack-o-lantern and kitties too! :-)

  2. Well, we used to have a lovely black long haired cat, who I miss every Halloween. The colorful ladies are doing their part however.

  3. Your kitties look so civilized in their behavior. Is it out of respect or fear for Muffin?
    When Proge brought his cat, Smartypants, (Yes Smart Cat is in his honor) from S.F. It was like have a devil in the house. This is the guy who would lie in wait and jump the others cats when they went to use the litter box.
    We miss him a lot.


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