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Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Bowls as of 3/31/13

These bowls may be used in the oven, microwave, and cleaned in dishwashers.  If baking, please start in a moderate temperature oven, around 300 degrees, especially if the contents are cold.  Pottery can stand high heat, but it is best to have it gradually heat up.

1. This mug bowl has Floating Blue glaze inside and around the top of the outside, where it meets and flows over Raspberry glaze creating a wonderful blended area.  Holds about 20 oz fluid. $25 each

2. Mug-bowls with white interiors and a bright blue flecked shiny outside glaze.  $25 each

3. Loose lips on ice cream bowls make them more fun. ($15)

Shiny green glaze is easy to clean

4. Either for baking, or serving cold foods, the joy of finding the spiral as you empty the dish is always a pleasant surprise.  $22 each

4. Buy two, get one free, as the outside glaze on one bowl is slightly defective, but doesn't detract from using it for food serving.  

5. Mountain terrain colors on thrown and torn-slab construction bowl with three legs, perfect for nuts, grapes or candy or ??? $65

6. The photo of the finished brown bowl is somewhere in an archive of this year's productions, but all I can find right now is the beginning throwing stage, the glazing stage and the one of it about to be packed with the similar green one, sitting on the floor.  So I will take a new photo and insert it here today.

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