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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dragon's end

Into the kiln she went

I'm glad I got these shots of how she was placed, because I think that contributed to the crack, at a thinner spot in the construction which was very close to the heat.  Just my thought at this time, anyway.  I reinforced the entire base of the mask where it meets the wall, but that part of the jaw was a bit heavier on the other side than on this one.

And here she is in all her glory, imperfect as it is.

You can see the crack running almost through the whole jaw, from the right side of the mouth to the base of the mask.  There's a thin piece of glaze still holding it together, but it goes through to the inside all the way through the wall.

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  1. I like your dragon's expression. There is definitely something going on behind those eyes. After all dragons are known for their duplicity. To quote Mr. Tolkien, "It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations."

    I would get some epoxy paste and reinforce from the back. There are plenty of options to consider in working with the visible crack but repairing the back will give you time without worrying about it breaking completely.

    1. Great idea, I've never used epoxy before, but I bet some of my friends will have good advice!

  2. Oh the dragon came out wonderful, good idea from Suzi, love the expression and colors and eyes are so expressive.

  3. Love your dragon and her lolling tongue!

  4. She's still beautiful and you should be proud of her.

  5. Cracked or not, she's a beautiful dragon!


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