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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bloggin' along

Do you know why I like bloggin'?

First convenience.  Can be sitting here in my night clothes, or nothing at all.  Can stop and make myself a sandwich and nobody knows better.  I can even write 15 posts at a sitting if I'm so inclined.

Second.  Connection.  The musings and postings go into the ether of the internet.  Thus they are public to those who have blog interest...I believe they must still have a computer, but perhaps now there's an ap for that on those phones that do everything but wash dishes (what, there's an ap for that?)

But Second. So call Connection Second those going away from me.

It is Third. Connection also, meaning the people who read whatever I say make comments, or connection coming back (ie. feedback).  And I've had many spams, so I can tell that if "you fortunately learned all the exhibits on your site have wisdom that you teached at my address where I have a bridge to sell cheap..." I'll just dump those to trash.  The others usually have some thought behind them, though not always.  Sometimes they reflect upon one small aspect of my post, or just the theme of it, and can be generalized.  But they are almost without fail, positive feedback.

Who doesn't like that?

And Fourth. Extension.  I have found so many other blogs that I like to read.  I started with a few that were "followed" by others who I then kind of webbed out and was following more and more.  I had to drop a few.  And a few of them dropped out also, posting maybe once or twice a year.  But there's a huge community out there.  How many people blog?  I wonder?  But I'm not interested in statistics.

Fifth. Statistics are available if that's your gig.  You may want to get as many followers as you can...though I think Google just changed that to circles.  Whatever! as teens used to say.  I am not interested (and never will be) in a quantifiable experience in life.  Quality, thank you very much.  So change the Fifth to just that, a Quality of Readership.  Again going both ways, those who read my blogs, and the blogs I chose to read almost daily.

Sixth. Immediacy.  Though I seldom post anything that is time specific, I do keep up with some political issues, and social welfare, and follow some blogs that give me insight in different ways than my local TV and even PBS stations.   Most bloggers are talking now, today.  And the comments are at least this week.  

Communication. Seventh.  I can read the comments on other people's blogs, and even comment upon the comments if I wish.  I can also reply to any comments that are made on my blogs.  I think once this becomes conversation I'd want it to become I've never gone to a third tier of commenting.

Eight. Education.  Whether reading about someone's research about their photographs, or their experiences traveling, or how to do something I would love to do, it's all out there on personal blogs.  I have not yet searched cold for any topics for blogs.  Not yet.

Ninth. Expansion.  These blogs I read, and those bloggers who comment upon my blog postings...are from everywhere in the world.  The blogs can be translated immediately by a little ap that's on just about everyone's everywhere.

Tenth. Joy.  Looking at fantastic photographic views through anothers lens is so much fun.  Reading creativity from really skilled authors, poets, composers, commentators...what enrichment is available right here!

Eleventh. Cost.  Well, I already pay for internet service.  Every time I think I might live without it I realize that this is such a valuable experience daily for me, I shrug and think I could eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches in order to have this.  If I had to limit my internet availability anyway, I would probably not read as many blogs, nor would I write in this format.  But now that I've been sharing photos and my journaling this way, I don't think I could just stop completely.  It brings me in touch with people I'd never have met otherwise, and lets us share our lives at the level we feel comfortable.

Twelfth.  Reality Check.  I don't expect more than a few people to read anything I write.  I have tried to sell pottery on a blog.  It didn't work.  But I do have a reality check before I publish anything, because it is going to be available hopefully I've kept back anything extremely offensive, or anything extremely personal.

Why do you blog? 


  1. 9: YES! folks all over the world, what they up to, hmm?

  2. Rusia and Australia are my favorites, but why out of 300 views, would half be in Rusia?
    I did think of the thirteenth reason I love blogging. It is a great "Equalizer" between people with various abilities, cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, race (of course), gender, and lots of other usual ways people get pigeon-holed. You don't know whether I have legs or not, whether I can hear or not, whether I am rich or poor, and whether I'm really what I've said I am. I do tend to trust the way you present yourself, and vise versa.


Looking forward to hearing from you! Since I didn't know the 1000+ people who supposedly looked at my blog the other day, I'm back to moderating comments. If that doesn't help, I don't know why blogger doesn't have a filter that stops this hacking...