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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mama Dragon

Been thinking about Mardi gras? (If you're in New Orleans or maybe Rio, or ???)

How about Gasparilla? (If you're in Tampa)

The Mardi gras folks love masks, among other parts of costumes.  Garparilla folks not so much...mainly just costumes, beads, and pirates galore.

Well, for the last month I've been working on a mask, off and on.  More off than on.
This is how it looked last week.

It shouildn't have been that hard.  It was just hard to get myself to pick up a tool and work for a little while.  To even get into one studio or the other.  Really hard.  I won't bore you with details, but you might check the other blog (When I was 69) and see what I wrote today if you want to know more personal stuff.

But I shared on FaceBook today the dragon mask that is almost finished.  And my joy at having felt like working on it today.

So I've got to give you a glimpse too, don't I?

At present stage...clean up and details still to be done.

It was nice to losely wrap her with plastic tonight, rather than spraying her so she'd stay damp.  Now time for the slow dry.  Then bisque firing.  

Not sure I'll glaze her.  Will have different effects once I do, I know.  I like the idea of the eyes having black pupils, but that's about all I've thought about.  Of course I'd love some red, black and gold colors...just not sure they will enhance the sculptural qualities.  Always a tough decision.

This is a wall hanging, which is why she has all kinds of holes around the edges, for feathers? beads? weaving branches?  leaves?  Who knows?
Now what were those other forms I wanted to make this winter?  Better get busy! 

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  1. She looks great, I think a little color would be a nice way to finish her.

  2. She's wonderful! Look forward to a pic of her on your wall adorned in her chosen finery :)

  3. Oh I love the work you've done to her this past week! The details are wonderful!


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