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Friday, February 22, 2013

Into the kiln room


This saucy lady jar is now dry enough to go into the kiln room where she awaits being bisque fired.

I'm working on another one already, a bit smaller, no legs or arms, just a head with a hat...wearing earrings.  So I got a friend to model for the ears.  Those are really hard to sculpt.  I just don't understand all those ins and outs.  I can still learn a few new tricks!


  1. Oh I love this; very saucy, for some reason it brought to my mind humpty dumpty. probably because of the round shape and small arms.

  2. Oh, I LOVE her! Can't wait until she comes out.

  3. Oh Barb, she is super! I love her removable hat!!! Can't wait to see her finished!

  4. Thanks so much Linda, Lori, Brenda and NCmountainwoman! She will probably have a white complexion, blue skirt, maybe red shoes? Definitely red lipstick and nails. Rose? Red probably.


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