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Saturday, May 19, 2012

new plants in old pots

Some new vegies and flowers are now growing delightfully in old pots. With all the rain lately, I haven't had to water any of them for the week they've been planted, so they are all happy. 

3 little zuccini plants and a marigold at the foot of the birdbath.  I've got one plant in the ground, and 2 in the pot with the flower.

Kalancho going crazy in the sun.  The begonia will have had enough soon, as the temp on the pavement increases, so it will find a shadier home then.
When a plate lip wanted to go screwy, I just helped it a little.

Standard heavy duty stoneware mugs, hopefully will hold more than 12 oz when they're finished.

The ginger pot with lid, drying in the window upside down after finally being dry enough to trim (I helped it a bit with a hair dryer.)
This week I didn't get anything out of the kilns...and all these greenwares are waiting to be bisqued.  So this time next week will be glazing frenzy for me.  This is one of the things I'm practicing patience on...not having control of when my pieces can fit in a community kiln.

Tomorrow, the drum-maker, Travis Fox.


  1. Hey that rim is great to grasp to carry for serving, cool. At the college I went to one guy dominated every firing with more than 30 pots and I could never get much of my work fired. I'm so lucky to have my own kiln now. drum maker, can't wait, we've missed the last two drum circles, but want to get back into it. Gary found a used drum and is itching to learn how to play it.

  2. I'm off to the Tailgate market, so won't be able to moderate comments till after noon (here). But you are welcome to leave one anyway. See ya in the funny papers!

  3. ha i kinda like the plate that got a little screwy you know...smiles again on the the stone mugs too, thick, have one similar i am drinking my coffee out of right now...

  4. Ah, serendipity! That weird plate is terrific!


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